11 April 2015


Ben and I took a little trip down to St. Louis to see a friend of ours from college. I took a few pictures while we were there, so I'll make a post later. Our drive down was fun. I wish we had the money to go on an epic road trip, I've always wanted to drive around America for like 6 months. I want to stop at Wall Drug and see the world's largest ball of twine, do it all. One day!

Because traveling is just miserable (I really have no luck at all with it) we got caught in an epic storm on our way home. Then one of our windshield wipers broke. We made it out alright, but it was a little scary there for a second. 

With our friend, Alex. Alex was probably my first friend when I went to Beloit and at the beginning of our junior year I told him I thought Ben was cute and he rolled his eyes and told me it would never happen. Pssh. 

We went to a bar and they were playing the Cardinals v. Cubs game. It was so weird being on the other side of the game and the Cubs played so badly. SMH.

I took this little shot of Ben in our kitchen. I realized after I took it that the majority of my favorite shots of him, of us, of our life, happen in the kitchen. It's the only room I can seem to do right, haha. 

Our cupcake tasting! We went to Molly's Cupcakes and tried a bunch of them. I've actually been going here for years because it's right across the street from where I get my haircut, so this was the one vendor I knew we had to nab. I'm not going to say they had the best customer service (they made us pay for half of them and then the woman sat and stared at Ben and I as we tried the different flavors. A-W-K-W-A-R-D), but their cupcakes are freaking insane. If you are ever in Chicago, you need to check them out. 

And last but not least, we went and saw "The Book of Mormon"! I saw that it was touring in Chicago until May and I wanted to surprise Ben with tickets, but they are so expensive. I beat myself up about it for weeks until I finally bit the bullet and got us a pair. But then keeping it a secret was another ordeal! I told Ben to take off work that night because we needed to see a florist and he called me back and said, "Lisa, I have taken off three days already to see florists-how many florists do we need to see?!" I kept up the jist until a couple days before when I was just too excited not to tell him. He was floored-he had no idea they were even in town!

It was absolutely amazing. It's definitely an out there play--I have a pretty wicked sense of humor and even I was like, "Oh my God, they did not say that!" But it's hysterical and absolutely worth the money. 

I'm already plotting our next show-any suggestions?

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19 March 2015


I haven't written in so long that I started to avoid this blog because it felt like a mountain that only grew larger each time I decided not to write. So much has happened I don't even know where to begin. Ben and I moved from Moscow. It was a little sudden, but it felt like more relief than I have ever experienced in my life. The trip was a blur (with a crazed, sleep-deprived 6 hour layover in Istanbul), but seeing my parents when we got off the plane was amazing. We were done. We were home. 

We've settled in quickly and have been enjoying American comforts (store bought bagels! Target! Driving!) ever since. We thought about moving to Boston in the summer, but a few days ago decided to stay in Chicago and save money. We've been spending our nights around our dining room table, plotting out our wedding, doing little arts and crafts and browsing etsy for deals. It's been a great source of creativity for us and I'm grateful to have something so wonderful to pour my energy into. 

I have--for the first time in my life--a job that does not leave me drained. Ben has been taking EMT classes and working at a restaurant (which isn't the greatest, but we're hoping to move on soon). We have a tiny trip planned for spring break. We bought a (used) car.

Sometimes I have these moments where I feel this deep panic that I'm not pushing myself enough--that I should be growing faster, especially in terms of a career. I compare myself to others and I feel like because I don't live abroad any longer I should be doing something else. 

But I can honestly say that I have achieved a new kind of peace that I haven't really had before. I don't stress about things as much as I used to; I don't feel like I'm falling forward from leaning in. 

This time in my life feels calm and serene, but it is plainer. We made a safer choice, something we aren't really used to, but I feel like was necessary both financially and mentally. When I have my moments of doubt I remind myself that Boston will always be there, that I still have the world available to me. I know I can pick up and go anywhere because I have picked up and gone somewhere. It just feels so good to be here right now. 

I can't wait to share more wedding details with you. Thanks as always for reading. 


10 December 2014

Buy Yourself Sh*t for Christmas x Warby Parker's New Collection

I'm a big fan of the treat yo' self camp.
It's your birthday? Treat yo' self to a Big Mac and a cashmere scarf.
It's your Christmas? Treat yourself to satin sleep mask and a box of those Whole Food sea salt dark chocolates with salt on top.
It's Valentine's Day? Eat a steak and buy yourself a bunch of jewelry from etsy.
St. patrick's Day and you're kiiiinda Irish? Well, you deserve a new OPI polish and some fancy wine (and by fancy I of course mean anything more than $10).

So Christmas is approaching and I have been finished shopping for everyone since before Thanksgiving. But. Seeing as I have been living in the cold, dark, post-office-less Russia, I haven't been internet shopping in ages. I can splurge a little, can't I? Do you guys buy yourself gifts? If so, what do you usually go for (food or things? Is it terrible that I usually do a bit of both?)

The folks at Warby Parker recently got in touch with me and asked if I would help share the news of their new Concentric Collection. On top of the collection being filled with light and delicate glasses, they donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair that is purchased (and Christmas is about a time of doing good deeds too!).

They sent me some pictures to take a look at and I thought I would share them and encourage you to splurge on yourself a bit.

I knew a girl in college who wore clear glasses. She had a really cool name and a punch of stick and poke tattoos that had no meaning behind them. She smoked hand rolled cigarettes (because chemicals) and worked at a farm-to-table restaurant. We went to a small school so I couldn't totally copy her style, but I really wanted to bum her glasses and read comic books in the quad.

When I first saw these I wanted to roll my eyes and give it a 'whatever' because sunglasses are kind of overdone to begin with it, am I right (and I say this with love because I literally always wear sunglasses)? But I like how these are kind of sci-fi and I feel like you could definitely convince a drunk baseball bro in his college frat shirt that you were from the future if you were just wearing these babies. 

Like Seth Cohen would know who you are in these.

These glasses are so Hollywood. You can roll out of bed with a white wine hangover, throw these on, grab your Balenciaga and buy a bagel, or slide them on when you're cruising down the highway in your vintage convertible on your way to go surfing. You'll look cool and chic either way.
*I want these babies*

So there you have it. 
What are your trademark 4-eyes? What'd you buy yourself for Christmas?

Are you freaking that the new Serial comes out tomorrow and we'll finally know if Adnan is a psychopath or not?!

29 November 2014

Wedding Inspo// Wedding Cake

The third installation of my wedding inspiration series. Check out my other posts on dresses and flowers

So again, I'm drawn to focuses on flower, nature, minimalism. I think the big, fondant covered wedding cake isn't for me, and I'm really drawn to the "dessert table" option I've seen on a lot of wedding blogs. I think more and more people are choosing cupcakes and multiple pies over the classic, ninety-tiered, gazzilion dollar cake, and I have to say that I like that option much more. 

Again, to each their own, but baking is a big part of mine and Ben's relationship and I'd almost prefer to bake the cakes ourselves or at least have a few different options of our favorite cakes and pies than just pick one flavor.  

Found here

I think this is the most beautiful cake in the world. The waterfall of peonies! I want to die.

Found here

This cake is so beautiful it looked like it just emerged from Neverland or something. Just came right up out of the ground.

Found here

I don't know what this is, but I know I want to eat it. 
It's like a desert, winter wedding cake all at the same time. 
Like a cake for sand-fairies.

Found here

Though the glaze on that cake makes my teeth hurt, I love the Kinfolk-ness of it all. I think I like the visual aesthetic, though if we decide to get married in the cornfield-venue, I don't know how the tree bark will fit in.
I like the lack of frosting for some reason.

Any of you already-married peeps do the multiple cake thing? Did you bake yourselves or if you didn't how'd you pick the baker? Did anyone just say screw it and do something completely different? Let me know!

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